How to make cardboard look metal????

I was wanting to know how to make cardboard look metal for like movie props and stuff like that.

marshon5 years ago
Start by sealing the card with any kind of paint. Acrylic is a good choice because it is waterproof when dry. Then spray with matt black spray paint.
Dry brush with matt aluminium paint, or gunmetal paint.
For a metallic 'sheen', get some graphite powder and a soft cloth and rub the graphite into the matt finish paint.
Finally give it a spray with cheap hairspray to seal evet=ything in. You don't say what the final use is but here's a cardboard gun:

Re-design5 years ago
Seal the cardboard with sealer then spray it with gray paint. You can spray some areas with a dusting of brown for rust etc. if you want it to look older.
Nice touch re: brown for rust...that's just sweet brain activity imo.
kevinhannan5 years ago
i have used spray-on hammerite - the hammered finish is especially good.
This'll work fine. If you don't want the cardboard "flutes" to show, glue a layer for thick cardstock on first. Then prime, and finish with a metallic or faux-metal spray paint.
Burf5 years ago
I've done a similar thing two different ways depending on the look I wanted. Method 1: Use spray-on adhesive and glue aluminum foil to the cardboard. Method 2: Seal the cardboard with Haymes Paper Faced Plasterboard Sealer and then spay paint it with a metallic paint.
seandogue5 years ago
If you want it shiny, you could try one of the metallic spray paints, or for a duller finish just use aluminum paint.