How to make "circus food" snacks?

My friends and I are having a pot luck, so it doesn't have to be fancy or healthy, for that matter.  I need to make 12 servings of what they call "circus food" because we are going to watch Cirque Du Soleil and that is our theme this week.  However, I'm not sure where to start!  Any ideas would be fantastic!

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frollard7 years ago
Deep fried ANYTHING. Popcorn/caramel corn acquire a cotton candy (candy floss) machine (not cheap, luckily I have one) any food that is high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar will be a hit.
kcls7 years ago
Fried dough, and sausage and onions on a hot dog bun are must have circus foods. Go easy on the fried dough, though. Had to learn that the hard way.
lemonie7 years ago
Deep-fried bananas... (or chocolate-bars) L
keydogstony7 years ago
Hotdogs Peanuts Popcorn Ice cream cones Animal Crackers Large Pretzels Cut Sandwiches into Animal shapes Cotton Candy (If you want to rent a machine)
Wow, I gotta go eat lunch now.
nickodemus7 years ago
If it won't be a real meal, just a snack, I'd recommend popcorn and cotton-candy. That's stuff I've always seen at the circus.