How to make fuzzy raving boots?

They are fuzzy boots that have an elastics band that goes right below your knee and you wear them to go out raving. They are very colorful and Bright too. 

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canucksgirl5 years ago
What these remind me of are those long multicolored dusters you can buy. You could buy yourself some of them and use the material to cover a pair of boots or some other fabric and make them kind of like '80's leg warmers. If you want them a special color, you could probably dye the material.
You are from the north where boots make sense.

Burning Man can get 120ºF in the shade at  2pm.
Well boots don't always make sense here... We do get up around 104ºF in the summer and with a higher humidity it feels like a sauna. 

we get 12% humidity no rain for200 dsys..
lol... we get 100% humidity and sometimes it feels like its rained for 200 days straight. That's pretty much our winter. In my area we might see snow one or two days tops, the rest of the time we're just the "wet coast". :P
Temperate rain forest. Grows great cedar trees.
Yes, and then someone like my dad makes a cool table like this... it goes full circle. ;)