How to make it appear that bullets shoot out of gun props without using Special Effects?

My little brother and I wish to make a film and have people firing guns at each other. These guns will be props for the film and won't shoot real bullets. We need a way to make it seem like the guns are actually shooting but we don't want to get bogged down in special effects.

black spray paint and nerf guns
ilpug6 years ago
Simple. Get a gun that fires blanks (or a cap gun that is made to look more realistic.

two options:

1- build an electric switch into the trigger or onto the gun that will detonate a small firecracker in the "target" when you pull the trigger. (obviously only for inanimate objects)

2.- before shooting, make a fake wound on someone with laytex, then cover it with some flesh-tone adhesive bandage and blend it in with make up. then stick a very thin piece of mono filament fishing line to it. At the same time the gun is fired, have someone off-camera yank the string really fast and the piece will fly off, and the wound will be revealed, making it look like a real bullet wound.

Or, just do it all with software.
R.A.T.M6 years ago
pant paper towel silver and shoot it out