How to make knex gun stronger?

My knex gun always bends, im trying to make a Mosin Nagant.
Watch the video and look at the picture provided to see what i am trying to make and see if u can fix the problem with it bending.
Also tell me if after the problem is fixed if i should post.

Lowney8 years ago
I know why.<br />The barrel is too empty. I couldn't really see from the video but itlooks only 2 layers. Here are some ways in which you could change thedesign. The first is my own breaking sniper, which is a piece efficiantway of making the barrel. Alternatively you could go for the muchstronger SRv1 barrel but it uses WAY more pieces<a href=""><br /></a><br />
DJ Radio8 years ago
Just add more blue rods everywhere if you want to make it more sturdy. And if you want to post it, nay, Barrax's Mosin is probably the best one around.
345138 (author) 8 years ago
it doesnt bend as much anymore but i still need help so if u know how pls msg