How to make laser from air around us?

Asking for some practical projects to make laser only from air around us using simple devices. The devices used should be found in daily life and high voltage power apply is not allowed. A related idea is point discharge. Some suggested devices: battery, spark plug, capacitance, inductance. For more details, ask me by email. Thanks very much!

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robotguy48 years ago
FYI: Capacitance and inductance are not devicePr
Allalong (author)  robotguy48 years ago
Oh, I'm sorry. my English is poor. Just find a way to express my ideas~~
No problem! Just making sure you knew.
electrosam8 years ago
For laser, you need a medium that will stimulate the radiation. Air can be used as medium but it will require lots of power for it. Use of air can cause explosion. So we need inert gases to make a laser.
Allalong (author)  electrosam8 years ago
Yes, we'll actually need very high power to make laser from air. But is there any chance that we can get any inspiration from the case of lightening?
Do you have any idea how much energy is in lightening ? We can't create that much energy for laser.
lemonie8 years ago
You'll not make a LASER out of this, you might get a arc across the plates. Are you working from something that has been done before? L
Allalong (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Yes, you got it! Someone has already worked it out! But I have no details about it. The laser can be seen by eyes in the dark. It's light blue. But it can only last a very short time. The moment the spark plug creates a spark, there will be a bunch of light between two copper plates.
It's a plasma. You need to pump LASERs with a light-source. I'm not sure what you've seen before but if I can find it I'll let you know. L
Kiteman8 years ago
Laser? Not a chance.

Only certain gases have the ability to lase, and must be used in relatively pure forms. Have a look at this home-build laser project or this other home-build laser project to see the kinds of things you are after.
Allalong (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Actually someone has make it successfuly. The problem is that I have no related details at hand.
jtobako8 years ago
There is an atmospheric nitrogen laser, not very powerful (watts wise). Look into that. The original may have been in the 1800's-but not recognized as such.
Allalong (author)  jtobako8 years ago
Let me have a look. I need some time to translate it. Thank you very much!
jtobako jtobako8 years ago