How to make laser , like laser cut machine. Able to cut the steel sheet.

Actually i want to create CNC machine for Laser or Plasma . Now i think i can make drive unit, but can construc for Laser or plasma.

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dpsilver8 years ago
a home made laser even though possible will not be able to cut through metal because of how it is made. it will not be as powerful as a commercial models even though it may use the same amount of power ur laser just wouldnt be as efficient ps its very hard to make one
Wesley6668 years ago
I don't even know if there is a laser that cuts metal available any wheres. You can buy cutters that use pressurized water to cut metal, and they can be controlled by a computer, but they are expensive. There is an instructable on this website to build a plasma cutter, but seriously, BE VERY CAREFUL!
UziMonkey8 years ago
If you have to ask, this project is way beyond you. A laser that strong would be so dangerous, you really shouldn't be playing with it. I don't think any easily obtainable or affordable laser can do that.
Our 70 Watt laser cutter can't cut through metal. A laser cutter than can cut through metal would have to be very strong. A plasma cutter is slightly more reasonable, but still very dangerous.
MekkMan randofo8 years ago
plasma cutters are less dangerous than an acetylene torch. I spose anything that melts metal is "dangerous" but plasma cutters are easy to operate - if a bit pricey.
jeff-o8 years ago
I think that your best bet would be to build a traditional CNC machine, that uses a high-speed cutter to cut the metal, rather than a laser or plasma. Such a machine is far more possible for a hobbyist to build.
Mann1808 (author) 8 years ago
Thank you all your comments and advised. Pretty good to hear.