How to make newspaper pencils?

I recently bought newspaper pencils here in the Philippines and ever since i bought that, i wondered how you make those.
the treesmart(R) website showed them slicing newspapers, dipping them in a "secret" solution, wrapping them and oven drying the pencils. i was wondering what is the solution that i can make (is it just glue with water) and can i just leave it out to dry.
P.S. the best question is actually lemonie's reply to my reply to his post. kthx

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lemonie7 years ago

The central component of a pencil is graphite, what graphite do you have?

beehard44 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I'm not sure if i can get the 2B size in my bookstore...
all i need is the process and that "secret solution", i can just extract the lead from a pencil or use the carbon rod in batteries (they work as makeshift pencils, i discovered that few weeks ago)

Extracting from pencils can be done, but you need to take a lot of care with a sharp knife.
After that, it's glue - I'd get my PVA out and try that.


It took me 2 years of research on paper pencils

tried everything, adding Kaolin clay (nope)

sodium silicate (nop) etc....

but I got the answer in the end for easy smooth sharpener

paper pencil

you need an additive that will make it crispy sharpener

the answer is ..........

Re-design7 years ago
I'll bet the "secret" sauce was cloths starch.
... or some similar non-gummy adhesive. Starch would be the classic one.

Of course you also need the graphite "leads" to wrap the paper around. Getting those in small quantities and reasonable prices may be tough. The ones usually used in mechanical pencils would be too thin, but there are thicker ones made for more specialized pencils.
Drafting supply companies still stock the thicker mechanical pencil leads and by the dozen are reasonable enough for making custom pencils.
Burf7 years ago
I don't know what they used but I'll bet that diluted PVA glue (white glue) will work just fine.