How to make people fall alsleep ?

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iceng6 years ago
"Russian Sleep" as explained to me per-internet was capable of placing a subject into a state of sleep in minutes with REM occurring when micro-pulsing was halted on a limited early basis. 
A salient point of the procedure was the subject would be under ( sleeo ) for as many days as the electrode activity was applied.  I got the impression subjects were routinely placed under "Russian Sleep" for ten hours.
All my attempts for discerning the pulse rates and amplitude have not revealed the information I sought to make my own. 
I do remember probe placement were three.  Two above the eyes which as Steve points out could be as affective  as the ear lobes and one lead in the back of the neck where the backbone leaves the skull.
My interest was for my per-preschoolers when they fought ( successfully ) to avoid the nap time they needed.  Alas no such luck.

Relative #1’s method: Tell them all about principles of accounting.
Relative #2’s method: Tell them in excruciating detail how you decided on the menu for tonight’s dinner (warning: this may also cause suicidal thoughts).

Seriously, low light plus non-irritating droning background noise from a fan, the weather channel, or surf etc. works well.
iceng6 years ago
Ask this question over and over again.

There is the Russian Sleep I have heard about, it involves micro currents
to the forehead and the back base of skull.

...or, apparently, after a little research, across the earlobes !
Never heard of it before.
Iv drawn a blank in th past could you post the URL ?
Did you all happen to notice the "related words".... faint, funny ?????
Strange concept wording for sleep almost a misdirection.
Kinda makes you wonder what they are actually looking for.
Burf6 years ago
A long, boring political speech or any movie starring Julia Roberts usually works on me.
FoolishSage6 years ago
You can always use The Cure For Insomnia
lemonie6 years ago
iceng lemonie6 years ago
rickharris6 years ago
Wait long enough they will get tired.


You can't MAKE people sleep without drugs.