How to make real ARC REACTOR of Ironman's Suite?

What is the material required for Arc Reactor.How to give  energy/power to Arc Reactor to activate?

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If an energy source like an Arc Reactor existed then you would see allot more armor suits like the iron man suit being used by the military. One of our biggest limitation in producing some of the amazing tech you see in fiction is our limited power sources. Batteries are too large and heavy to make many such applications possible.

An Arc Reactor is basically a fusion generator. Science has been trying to get one going for decades. Basically they are trying to create a micro SUN made of plasma. But they have trouble containing that kind of energy. Not to mention it almost impossible to start the reaction. Even if they work out all the issues and make one work they will never be able bring it down to the size of a baseball.

Read up of Fusion Power.
someone said .....nothing is impossible
Never said it was impossible. An i agree nothing is impossible just improbable.
bAng002145 years ago
his "arc reactor" is actually a fusion reactor that combines two materials together to make energy which is how the sun works,

now, if you were to build one now it would have to work like a copassitor that gathers a small spark and amplifies it to a more powerful shock, and it will have to sustain itself, which isnt really hard to do if you can get the materials

like these actually work if you can find the right designs on the web so get searching
Kiteman5 years ago
It's a fantasy film - arc reactors do not exist, even in the large versions.
That's what our governments want us to think but in reality they have this technology and are brainwashing us so that when they rise up and oppress us with squadrons of "Iron Men" we accept it and don't resist.
+1, Iron Man is not a documentary.
verence5 years ago
You need

Unfortunately, it's only available in Hollywood.
canucksgirl5 years ago
You realize the "Arc Reactor" isn't real... right?