How to manipulate heated plastic water/pop bottles ?

I want to make flowers out of plastic water /pop bottles but not sure what heat source would work best nor what shaping tools would work best to create shape and curl.?

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killbox1 year ago

ive been interested in recreating this. only using plaster or silicone casts of manikin heads or whatnot.

Iamtwinks8 years ago
I am the plastic bottle flower lady - retired art teacher. I began making them about 8 years ago and they have gone thru many changes and are now much more sophisticated - as much as a plastic water bottle can be. Use a heat gun held far away from the bottle and remove it as soon as the petals begin to change form, hold it too long and the plastic loses shape. You can view my early ones at Updates to come soon, I'm also putting a book together on how to's for this project...all sorts of flower shapes, decorative additions, bouquet designs for specific occasions, unique 'pot' ideas, how to make them permanent even when exposed to the elements outside.
You never did reply or provide any instructions. I checked the blog and not there either?. We would still like info/instr and pics of course.
What I am willing to share is on my blog, if you have any craft acumen you will be able to figure most of it out yourself. There are 18 steps to making my flowers and it took me 8 years to come up with all the solutions, so I SELL the full instructions. Sorry, I am under no obligation to give my secrets away.
Sorry. I thought that if it was on Instructables, it was, in fact an Instructable. I have no problem at all in you selling the Product/Instructions. I say well done and I was absolutely amazed at the beauty of them. In fact I stopped what I was doing, using pop bottles, because mine were so Blah in comparison.
caitlinsdad8 years ago
It might be easiest to start out with a pair of heavy duty leather gloves with cuffs. Get a heat gun that is used to strip off paint. It is used like a hairdryer but on steroids that gets way hotter. It is best to manipulate with your hands. No need to contaminate the oven with melted plastic or fumes if you leave it in too long. Good luck.