How to mod a ps2?

Modding a flat ps2

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frollard8 years ago
You left an unhelpful, and rather offensive message. I replied. You must not have expected otherwise.
frollard8 years ago
us, and the asker respectively...
Bardouv8 years ago
Mine always got overheated. So I took apart an old hairdryer and attached the fan to the other fan hole in the back. Then I duct taped some air filters to the front. You might think about a liquid cooled ps2.
jj378 years ago
what mod do you want?
Bartboy jj378 years ago
I thinks he's asking for ideas on how to mod it.
gluing a troll-doll is a mod-ification. Does he want to play backed up copes if games or homebrew - that involves one of the following: install a chip (somewhat difficult), use a boot-swap disk (cost money, but easy), soft-mod the firmware (some technical knowhow necessary). Or does he want to modify the case to be more excellent, like gluing a troll to the top?