How to mod a web cam for making it rotate?

I want to have my web cam mounted at a specific place in my room and control the web cam rotation using  the USB interface and some program on my pc.

I was thinking of having the web cam to be mounted on a USB rocket launcher sort of thing, but it would be great if i i find an instructable which tells me how to do this using a few stepper motors which i have from my old printers.
Specially i would love if a stepper motor control system through USB port is provided.

lemonie7 years ago
Your easiest option is to do what you suggest with the launcher. If you'd like the satisfaction of building something out of stepper-motors, start with what Re-design says, ask back for help as you need it.

Re-design7 years ago
Using usb to control a stepper is not hard.  Google "usb stepper controller" if you want to buy a built unit and add "schematic or diagram" if you want to build it yourself.

You could also use a modified servo to rotate the camera.  There are several instructables here that detail modifying servos for that.