How to modify airsoft mask?

Knowing that there are many fabricators on instructables, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how I could modify an airsoft mask to look like the picture shown. I have one where the part beneath the lenses is detachable, and I really only need to modify the lower half, but would like to make a copy of that lower half and work on the copy rather than the original part. If anyone has any ideas at all, let me know. Especially with making the copy of the lower half.

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You could use silicone (check for many different kinds) to make a negative mold of the mask, then support the silicone with plaster bandage to help it hold the shape. For something like this, you could use a one-part open mold instead of a fully enclosed mold, so it's much easier and cheaper. After you have the mold, slush-cast as many copies as you want using polyurethane casting compound, also available from Smooth-On.
Oh, and then just bolt on a couple of respirator filters.
pyrorower (author)  RavingMadStudios7 years ago
This method seems great, although I did some research today and found out that in this particular photo, the lower half is actually just a pesticide/spray paint respirator. I can buy that exact thing for about 20 bucks at home depot. But I still must give you credit in that what you said can definitley work, though in my particular case, what I want is available for less work and less money. Thanks anyway for the fantastic input!
No problem, I'm glad you found a cheaper and easier way to get what you wanted. I'm all about the cheaper and easier way.
cucumber2887 years ago
thats not really a mod, it looks like ski goggles attatched to an air mask, but i guess it would work out the same a different way. im a master at modifying masks and helmets, i could turn a baseball helmet into this