How to mount a garmin forerunner 305 to my racing kayak so I can see how fast I am moving?

I want to mount my Garmin forerunner 305 to my Kayak so that I can see my boat speed etc.


orksecurity7 years ago
First question I'd ask is how to waterproof (and if you're planning on running whitewater, shockproof) the device. Then how to affix it in such a way that it doesn't damage the boat nor come loose accidentally even if hit with a paddle.

Websearching for "kayak gps" finds some commercial products for the purpose. Can't vouch for how well or poorly any of them work.
Burf7 years ago
I've seen a variety of suction cup type mounts for electronics at the boat shop. You can get the basic ball and socket  mount and make your own mounting hardware or buy a complete unit designed specifically for the electronic device you want to mount. Here is an example:
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  Velcro®