How to pass sound from microphone to earphone


I need a simple way to pass sound from Condenser microphone though wire and some circuit to one or pair of earphone to be heard, live, just a simple communication tool, is there an instructable for this or please give me exact steps .

Thanks .

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thegeeke5 years ago
Do you want simple or small? There is a huge difference. A condenser microphone needs power of some kind (normally Phantom power). Unless you have an ultra cheap consumer condenser, you will need to give it phantom power. For this, I would recommend just using a small mixer such as this:
(If you do order from All Pro Sound, call them.  Don't order online as you can get a better price over the phone.)

If you need it small, you will have to research how to inject phantom power into a line, and use a small preamp to go to the headphones.  I would also recommend a pot in the line for volume control.

Let me know if you need any clarification.  :)
achraf52 (author)  thegeeke5 years ago
No, as i need just a simple circuit to make .
Good luck with that... Injecting phantom power is not an easy circuit. The reason it's called phantom power is that it is specifically designed to pass energy along the same cable as the audio is returning on, but not cause any electrical noise. I looked into making it at one time, but was unable to do it. Sorry I can't help more... Try googling it... Maybe someone has come up with a similar design since I looked into it last.
Connect the mic through an amp to the headphones.
achraf52 (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Well, I want to make the amp circuit .
Google for a small mic preamp
Try some of the links on the right >>>>>