How to pick correct push button switch?

Hi, the pushbutton switch in my coleman lamp is broken and I need a replacement. It's a push button with 2 leads. I don't know how to tell if its spdt, spst, or the other ones. How do I pick the right switch? Its rating says it is 5A/40A 250V. It stays in the on position until it its pushed again. I linked some pics on imageshack (couldn't get the uploader here to work.). Maybe that will help. Thanks

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You want a Single pole, single throw, latching push button.....

phillyj (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
I was looking at radioshack parts and saw this (

By latching, you mean on-off and it stays at on until pushed?

Do you know how to choose the correct rating? The thing runs of a 5V lead acid rechargeable battery.  I don't know how which is a safe number.
I choose the correct rating by looking at the application and the wire already used. A 5A rating will be more than enough here. And latching means it stays "latched on" or "latched off" when pressed.
Latching does indeed mean 'push on push off'.  The other type of switch is 'momentary', which is only while its being held down.

frollard7 years ago
You may have trouble finding an EXACT replacement switch, but anything that has a similar shape and function should be okay.

If it runs off batteries it doesnt need to be a 250 volt rated switch.  The one you have is designed to switch household current to small electronics.  It's a good idea to keep the same specs, but not 100% necessary.  In this case they probably had lots of switches laying around.