How to pick out a transistor? What I should look for?

I need a MOSFET transistor for a flyback transformer driver. Many guys said 2n3055 and I want another. How can I compare?or can you give me a list of transistors that I can use?

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It depends on too many complex things to detail here. Start with maximum voltgage (Vds) or Vce rating, and speed. Mosfets are tricky to driver very fast, so a 3055 may be a good choice, coupled to its relatively low Vce (Sat)
theVader75 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
can I use a 2n5020?( a mj1000?I found this site and there are some transistors( or this transistor (
I don't know your supply voltage, I don't know your peak charging current, I don't know your driver stage....
theVader75 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
My supply voltage is 22 and supply current is 16amps and the driver stage is 0 because I am gathering meterials. if you know a simpler driver please tell me ,I want the simplest and safest way. Thank you.
Given that Ic = 1.2 A, and Icmax is only 6A, then clearly the 5020 isn't going to work. You need a POWER transistor, and a fast switching one too. Steve
theVader75 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Ok, i forgot that i have a monitor pcb with all of the things on it including an new flyback transformer and lots of mosfet transistor but i dont know which to use.
If you've got that, I'd poke around and find the flyback circuit there. You'll learn a lot that way.