How to play MP4 movie files more smoothly on Mac?

When I play a movie in MP4 format on Mac, it happens to freeze sometimes. How to make it more smoothly?

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TinaPie3 years ago

You can use Macgo Mac Blu-ray player play mp4 movies, full free to play other formats, including MP4.

SeanAllison3 years ago

Hi, MP4 is a container format like AVI and MOV. So, if your MP4 file is encoded with the codecs that are not supported by QuickTime, you can't play it on QuickTime. If you still want to use QuickTime to play it, you might need to check which codec component you should install to make it work on QuickTime. Maybe you can try use another video player to play it, like Macgo Free Media Player. Another chance is converting MP4 file to QuickTime supported codec using the third party conversion software.

TinaPie3 years ago

Find a good media player that can support MP 4 format.

Vyger3 years ago

Find a third party player that works on MAC and see if it works better.

VLC media player is one that works for mac. Just do a Google search for it.

Momentary freezes are usually an indication that the computer is having trouble keeping up. If its an internet stream then its from a slow internet. If its playing from a file then there may not be enough resources to cache it far enough ahead.