How to polish/buff polycarbonate (lexan) on roughly cut edge?

I'm not talking about minor scratches. I would like to polish 1/2" thick cube that I cut out with table saw, it's not transparent at all on the edges (due to rough cut), but I'd like it to be :)  Can I do it with some kind of Dremel attachment?

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pfred25 years ago
I've seen clear plastic flame polished but that might not work with the kind you have. This page describes several ways of polishing Plexiglass:

Sounds to me like Hand Polishing is the nicest process.
bratan (author)  pfred25 years ago
Wow Impressive!!! Thanks for the info!
IlirT1 year ago

you cannot flame polish polycarbonate. polycarbonate = lexan

you will have to sand lexan, rout it, or polish it with a buffing wheel

once polished you cannot glue a polished edge or it will craze.

this is true of most plastics except plexiglass

The only plastic you CAN flame Acrylic = plexiglass

as seen here flame polishing lexan is a mess (see what happens at 1:45)

CaseyT102 years ago

this is the little butane torch I used. From Harbor Frieght tools. And the fishing lure I touched up the edge of the lip.

I also included a picture of my test lexan. One side was heated just right...while the other was just a little too much heat.

CaseyT102 years ago

I know this is an old topic, but I just wanted to add this incase anyone still looks for this information.

I have 1/8th inch lexan. Making fish lure diver lips. I tried sanding and polishing. That didn't work. So after reading this forum, I tried something.

Sand the edge flat with 240 grit sand paper.

Wet sand with 600 grit sand paper.

Use a small butane torch and quickly touch up the edges. Only allowing a tiny amount of heat to graze the lexan. After a few passes, you will start to notice your edge turning clear. Let the lexan cool for about 10-20 seconds, and give it a few more passes.

Afterwards, I used a dremel polish pad and some Meguiars plastX clear plastic polish.

All done!

My project took about 2 minutes all together

suzyframe4 years ago
Thanks so much for sharing this question! I have been looking a lot into this and polish pottery! This answer above really is helpful and I am glad I was able to find this information! Can you tell me where I can find more information like this? Thanks!