How to power 8ohm 1 watt speakers?

I'm working on a project for school that consists of a wireless speaker.
They will be mono speakers.  I have an 8 ohm 1 watt round speaker.
I would like to power these.  I've read on lm386 and tsa7052 ic to do this.
For the wireless I was going to use dexdex's instructible bluetooth headset hack
I'd like to power it all with a 9volt or a lithium hacked out of old product.
Are there any things i should know for the amplifier in relation to the type of speaker i will be using? 
Will i be able to power the bluetooth headset and the amplifier from the 9v?
thanks for your time!

dex38441 year ago
Played around with the LM386, and its quick and easy to use, check out
( for example - but like like mpilchfamily said "Any DIY amp you find should have no problems driving an 8 ohm speaker." - my bluetooth circuit will also do fine for the wireless
good luck :)
Look up a 1 watt amp schematic online using the amp of your choice and you should be good to go. Any DIY amp you find should have no problems driving an 8 ohm speaker.

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