How to power a strong Electromagnet?

I want to make a fairly strong electromagnet for general use but I also have a task in mind.
I live in an apartment building near some students and someone egged my window. The egg dried in and now I can't reach it to clean it.
I've see magnetic window cleaners before but they are cheap, weak and not up to task so I'd like to make an electromagnet to help with the scrubbing action.

The windows are double glazed and the neodymium magnets I have are not strong enough.

The only electromagnets I've ever made were the basic science experiment type, coiled copper around bolt with a battery to power.
For this I assume I'll need a large battery or would it be mains powered?

Any suggestions?

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Vyger3 years ago

I think of dirty windows as "red neck window treatments". If you get them dirty enough nobody can see in anymore or stand outside and watch TV through the window.

nodnodwinkwink (author)  Vyger3 years ago

You should write a book.

iceng3 years ago

Nib magnets are stronger then any electromagnet you can hold and your best bet.Have a look at

You would need to add a full wave DC BRIDGE to stabilize pull force.

Given the cost of replacing a broken glass window ... I would urge you to use a water spray from a garden hose and hang with a different group :-)

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nodnodwinkwink (author)  iceng3 years ago

Thanks, I saw that video but its clearly too strong for my needs. I'll look into the DC bridge though.

Electromagnets are DC.