How to prevent apples from turning brown in an apple crisp, which will be prepared ahead but looked 5 hours later?


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Chicken22098 years ago
I learned from school that apples turn brown due to enzymes
and thats why its common place for people to sprinkle lemon juice on it
but I've never seen that done.
The way its supposed to work is the acidity of the lemon juice denatures the enzyme and it prevents it from oxidizing (?) and prevents them from turning browm
Oxidizing is right, and not just the acidity, but also the vitamin c stops it.  Vitamin C has been discovered to be an antioxidant.  Didn't Grandma tell us something like that...
framistan8 years ago

Since you are making apple crisp, I thought i would tell you my moms secret for making the apples softer and tastier.  My mom is almost 90 years old and she cuts up the apples in a thin slicer.  That way, they cook better and are softer rather than chewy in your pie.  She also says "Jonathan" apples make the best pies, but when they are sliced thinly, you can use most any apple.  Sorry, i know you didn't ask that..

Z..8 years ago
Lemon juice all the way!

But put your cut apples in a bowl, and squeeze lemon juice over,-then turn them over with your (clean!) hands. You need to coat them properly.

The browning does not impair flavour, but it looks gross!

Good tip about the crumble! Put the two together when you are ready to cook.
lemonie8 years ago
You could try the lemon juice (as Chicken') suggests. But also exclude air - cover close with film or similar (not bare aluminium)

Agreed. That was going to be my suggestion but you already covered it.

And keep it in the frig until you go wherever it is you're going.

(also, might be best to keep the crumbly off until you get there so it doesn't start to soak up moisture prematurely.Just toss it in a sealable container to take with you.)
Agreed. Squirt of lemon juice all the way, and maybe one of those boxes with the one way valve that lets you suck all the air out.
jtp1398 years ago
definitely lemon juice, it not only helps them from turning brown, it brings out the "appley" flavor
 Chicken2209 is right, sprinkle lemon juice on them so they are coated.  The reason give is also right , the browning is due to an enzyme--it is called phenol oxidase (see  The enzyme does not work at the acidity of lemon juice, and cooking denatures it (and most other enzymes).
Get a little sprayer and spray lemon juice on it. Works a treat !