How to pull a tooth?

How do I pull my own tooth? It is a molar, ( the third tooth back from my K-9). I have an ex-ray of it and the roots are straight. I have a strerile set of tooth extractors, and a tooth elevador. Also lidocane, and a sterile syringe but I'm not sure if I can use it or if it'll work, or where to place  the shot.

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It is not nearly as easy as it appears in Hollywood movies. I've had some extractions done, and would never attempt it on myself. Pay a pro to do the extraction. Extractions are WAaaaay cheaper than root canals.

Sewing up a gash on your arm is one thing - doing dental surgery on yourself is plain crazy.
iceng5 years ago
Saw a TV news of a Lady who did her own lower jaw root canal.

Of course she was a dental surgeon.
lemonie5 years ago
That could be a tough job, and you'd really need someone else to do it to do it right.

Vyger5 years ago
So why do you want to pull your tooth? Is it the one that has the radio chip from the aliens in it? If that is the case than you should just have them fix it.

Remember, once its pulled out it can't be put back in. Just get it fixed in place, in the long run its way cheaper than getting a bridge to fill the hole.

And remember there is the chance of you getting the wrong one. If a dentist does that then you can make him fix it.

Finally, If you are really serious about it then just find somebody who really doesn't like you and give them the opportunity to cause you great pain with no repercussions. They might do several of them for you at no cost.
rickharris5 years ago
1. DON'T

2. It WILL be difficult as the angles will be all wrong Like pulling a nail out over you head when you can't see it.

3. If you could afford the Xray you can afford the extraction

Sorry not my field.
+1 on item 3

"3. If you could afford the Xray  you can afford the extraction"
Coming from Dental Roots as it were, and having practised once for 1/2 hour in the local dental school (on a DUMMY) I hasten to say.....I'd really rather not describe the process.

And having had roots break during an extraction, I'd really , really say you should just get a decent local quack to do it.
Burf5 years ago
Sorry, my engineering degree doesn't include dentistry. I can tell you how to build a roof truss, if you're interested.