How to purify water with iodine?

I found this site while searching for an answer to my question.  I read the instructions; I then asked for the PDF copy for future reference.  I was asked to sign in, along with other questions.  I requested the free membership for now, since I do not know this site.  I was then told that I could not have the PDF without paying for membership.  Respectfully, I feel that it would be much better to state any rules/requirements before asking for personal information.  If you do not wish to share a PDF, that is fine; just make it clear.

Perhaps this is a wonderful, informative site; I may never know.  Right now, I am a bit disappointed with my experience here. 


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lemonie8 years ago
There's not a great deal to that one, you could write the essentials down in ~a minute if you needed hard-copy.
(don't leave your e-mail around on the internet, it can attract junk)

sanz327 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Thanks for your response.  How do I get my email address removed?
You can edit the original question by:
  Logging in
  Following this link
  Click edit on far right
  Remove your email address and click 'save question' at the very bottom

How did you do it so whoever clicked on it would go to their page?
I created a link to the 'you' page instead of an individual profile page.  From what I can tell, the 'you' page loads the active profile.

sanz327 (author)  Willard2.08 years ago
Thank you Willard, and thanks all.

You're welcome!
lemonie sanz3278 years ago
Willard has given a good answer, or you could just delete the question. The pdfs are nice to have I guess, but the site needs some income...

orksecurity8 years ago
Policies on PDF copies have changed over time.

Best suggestion I can give you is to print the individual pages from the web view.
Willard2.08 years ago
Is this the instructable that you were talking about?

Kiteman8 years ago
It is made clear, as soon as you ask for it.

You will see that some projects have a freely-downloadable PDF along with them.

(Small aside, it is not wise to post your email in plain text like that - this is a spam-free site, but even we get trawled by bots picking up addresses to spam.)