How to put games on nintendo dsi?

i have the games but i don't know how to put, where to put to play game in nintendo dsi. i am not being able to play games in nintendo dsi its being really problem to me.

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just download the right kernel, if you have an r4i, from this website: and put this date on the dsi: 9/18/09
first you must have an r4 or m3 or any other card similar. I have the r4i. If its the v1.4 you can download the kernel from this website: then just look in the posts. then open your micro sd and put the kernel. then make a games folder. make sure the games have a .nds extension. Put this date in your dsi: 9/18/09
Here you go.
Excellent answer. I love that site.  Could probably be used for 95% of the questions asked here.
Only 95%? Hmm.. the questions must have gotten better when I wasn't looking....
lemonie7 years ago
Did you download them from somewhere?(where?)