How to quit class?

The software isn't really free, and asks me to create an account with it. I'll have to uninstall and can't complete the class as I can't afford the software and consider it a waste of time to learn skills for a program I can't afford. Does anyone know how to withdraw from/cancel a class on this site or do I just have to wait for it to lapse somehow?

take the free trial for 30 days

ahill128 months ago

You can download and install the software, it says its a 30 day free trial. Once its installed you can register it as a student and it is free for 3 years.

It's free for indefinitely if you sign up as a Startup or Enthusiast. In a year, you’ll be asked if you want to buy a full license, and if you’re still a “startup” (making less than $100K using it), you can just re-up for another year of free use: