How to "clean" a laptop?

My kids used my laptop, and after that some crumbs most be stuck under the keys because a couple of them are really hard to press. How can I clean it? The canned air doesn't work and I am thinking on dissassemble it and clean it inside. Any suggestions?

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Joe Martin8 years ago
Don't pull up the keys as it will break the tabs on the scissor or the key. Instead remove the keyboard, put it on it's side and blow compressed air into the side.

If you are unsure about how to do this give me your model number and I can have a look for you, It's a very easy and effective process.
johnnywgk8 years ago
removing keys on a laptop is difficult, they dont pull out like desktop, they are on a complicated scissor lift type of hinge. i broke my 1st one i tried. but once off you can see how it works (too late then) you may be able to lift a key a bit to try to look under it to see how its connected, good luck
Very good input. Will it damage the key's hinges if you were to try and lift one up? I could just see it bending something :-S
If there is a computer specialist shop around you you might want to check that out. I wouldn't try popping out the keys of your laptop until you are for sure that you can with your model because they are most likely different than a regular keyboard... considering they are thinner and more flat... you might risk breaking something. Good luck!
lemonie8 years ago
Ooh. Search this site for "clean" and "keyboard". I've not seen one for a laptop, and I don't think the keys will pop-off so easily (but I don't know). Being as laptop keyboards are pretty flat, have you considered putting a layer of Cling-Film over it? L