How to record Spotify music streaming?

I was wondering if any of you guys knows if it is possible record Spotify songs or, even better, how to record Spotify music streaming? What app do I need to look for on the web: a Spotify Music Downloader dedicated just to recording Spotify songs or any ordinary app can be used to rip Spotify tracks?
I would greatly appreciate some help from someone who has had experience with ripping Spotify music and can give me a good and useful advice on how to record Spotify songs.

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RideCar7 years ago
 I must admit that you guys made me very curious about how to record Spotify music streaming and I have searched a lot and tried some Spotify Music Rippers, actually too many...but not all of them worked. 
Still, I found Tunebite Spotify Music Downloader, try it's free version, but I record only few songs, because it's limited, but those ones are pretty nice, it converted them automatically into mp3s. I also saw that if you buy the full version, you can have access to all its features, it is an YouTube Download, a Hulu Downloader, an universal converter and many others. It's very interesting. 
Anyway, if you want to see how Tunebite rips Spotify music, check this link, it's a tutorial with the steps to record Spotify tracks, very helpful.

Thanks for introducing Tunebite, I have tried it for a few hours and found that's not so easy to handle for non-geeks like me, so I just googled and tried some other tools and finally got one which has awesome user-friendly interface, check the tutorial here, just follow the 123 steps and everything is done.
Huboi4 years ago
Is this some kind of joke?
Spotify is FREE. They pay artists 0.001c per stream, and you can't even begrudge them that tiny amount?
It really is unbelievable. Makes me wonder why albums even get made anymore.
mfasanya4 years ago
Go here to quickly convert spotify to mp3
KapserLyyke4 years ago
Whatever you call the tool for Spotify ripper or Spotify recorder they are the same thing. For Windows user, replay music is the best, and Allmymusic is best for Mac. Gold Wave is free music recorder tool, but it can't separate songs automatically, you have to record songs one by one manually. 
crackerbuzz5 years ago
A real good site is

It shows you how step by step.
CAMXposure5 years ago
any program that can record the audio output from either and application or the audio out to computer will work - you would most likely need to make sure you have the processor capability to do so smoothly or your recordings will be choppy. It is also reccomended that you only do the required task and not much else- as with something similar to dropped frame rates of video- you could lose bit info along the line- you would be actually dubbing audio to some degree- only think of it as catching a deck of cards into a basket- once the cards have been tossed- they are going to easier to catch all of them if you have a bigger basket- coincidentally they happen to also be tied together so they will most likely land in order, if they're securely attached- and your eggs are properly counted?!!
yggdrazil5 years ago
I like to use Gold Wave ( Open a new file slightly longer then the song you want. Set control properties/volume on Stereo mix. Press the record button. Play the song on Spotify. When it's done, trim any sliences on the front or back end. Save it as an MP3 (or whatever) and there you go!
hovercrafty7 years ago
I just released a new version of Dojotech Spotify Recorder that works for Windows XP and Windows 7. Far easier to use than anything else. You don't even need to press any buttons! Just launch Dojotech Spotify Recorder and start playing music using Spotify. Since it only records the sound that Spotify plays, there is no DRM in the MP3s. Also, the MP3s get tagged automatically with Artist and Song Title.
Hello, method 1: Run Audacity and choose View -> Float Mixer Toolbar. In the drop-down menu on Audacity's mixer toolbar, choose "Wave Out" or "Stereo Mix" as the input source. Then start recording now. This one is free for you.

Method2: check this link, you may get some hints.

Method3: For windows system
All programs- accessories- sound recorder
Hello, method 1: Run Audacity and choose View -> Float Mixer Toolbar. In the drop-down menu on Audacity's mixer toolbar, choose "Wave Out" or "Stereo Mix" as the input source. Then start recording now. This one is free for you.

Method2: Rip spotify songs by using spotify songs ripper. set mp3 format as your desired output format.
Well, I don't use stuff called Spotify music ripper, but I just found a Spotify audio recorder which claimed that it can record all streams from Spotify. Sincerely to say, there are a lot of Spotify music rippers for us to select. If you can't let them work on your PC, you might turn to use program of such kind.
Check out this cool utility. This will record music from, Pandora, as well as a ton of video sites. Plus, adds those tags to the MP3 file, burn music and edit music. It can also rip spotify songs. To be honest, this one is not a bad choice.
check out
ivy1230006 years ago
It is an old question to talk about record streaming music from Spotify. I have come across a lot of answers for this topic.

And i have tried most of the programs to record Spotify music streaming on my computer. I found that there was a very good Spotify music recorder which can record music from Spotify to PC in MP3, WMV, etc automatically.
adajoelle (author) 7 years ago
Well thanks a billion guys for helping me find a way to record Spotify music streaming and an useful Spotify Music Ripper. I also looked around the web for ways to record Spotify songs, but it's just not that easy to find solutions for ripping Spotify tracks or good apps for the job.
I tried a couple of Spotify Music Rippers myself, but some of them just did not do a good job at recording Spotify tracks so those Spotify Music Downloaders were just not worth keeping on my pc.

Thanks for suggesting that Tunebite Spotify Music Downloader though, I tried it yesterday and I must say I do like what I saw. I used it to see how it works to record Spotify songs with it, everything went so smooth plus I like the quality of the files I got after I recorded and saved Spotify tracks with this Tunebite Spotify Music Downloader.
I think this one is definitley a keeper. Plus I can't wait to get some spare time and try the rest of the features for downloading movies and videos from video portals like YouTube and Hulu.
Thanks again for all the help guys.

BiggMamma7 years ago
 Well, audacity didn't work, at least for me, it did record spotify music streaming, but when I pressed the Stop button after recording, all the apps I have opened on my pc, suddenly  crashed. I didn't know what was happened, didn't know it was audacity, but when I tried the second time to rip Spotify music and again pressed stop, they all crashed again. And I've uninstalled it, I was very pissed off. 
So, now I won't ever try a software I knew nothing about it. You guys, should look for another Spotify Music Ripper because this one isn't good. 
abbie817 years ago
This might sound funny but there is another app that seems it could also be used to record Spotify music streaming. I stumbled upon some blog with a post on how to rip Spotify music with the help of some Voice Changer app. Here is a link to that post on how to record Spotify songs:
It sounds kinda funny I know, but that guy  claimed  that the app could also be used as a Spotify Music Ripper and that it can rip Spotify music without any problems.
Of course I haven't tried it, so I cannot say for sure if this indeed works to record Spotify music streaming, but you can also take a look at it.
Maybe it is useful and you can stop seearching for a Spotify Music Ripper.
spaceman967 years ago

Yeah, I must say that  if you want to find how to record Spotify music streaming, it takes a whole deal of googling to find some Spotify Music Ripper that works.
I think can also try the Spotify Music Riper from this dojotech website:

If you look somewhere near the bottom of the page or something like that there is some info on their Spotify Music Ripper that can be used to record Spotify songs. The bad part is their Spotify Music Ripper only works for Win Xp and lower, so if you need a Spotify Music Ripper that works for win vista or maybe 7, u probably can't use this one record Spotify tracks.

I used it to record Spotify music streaming a couple of times some time ago. Plus I don't know any other Spotify Music Ripper, so I couldn't recommend another one.

Install it and see how you manage to record Spotify music with it.

aramsays7 years ago
If you need to record Spotify music streaming, you should also take a look at the Spotify Music Downloader from here:
They have there a section on how to rip Spotify music. That should help you shed some light on how to record Spotify Songs with their Spotify Music Ripper.
I am not 100% sure the Spotify Music Ripper from there will work for you because it  doesn’t work with all sound cards plus there is not  any  list of compatible hardware.

So if you wanna use this Spotify Music Ripper you'll just have to try and install it and see if you can rip Spotify music with this app. If it doesn’t work to rip Spotify  tracks, Spotify Music  Ripper probably doesn’t support your soundcard so it won´t work until a new version is released, at least that's what they say on their website.

But I say try it, maybe it will also work for you to record Spotify music streaming.
BiggMamma7 years ago
 Indeed, Spotify is a streaming online music and you cannot record music from spotify with a common recording tool, you definitely need a Spotify music ripper which can record everything comes through your sound card. I don't know an example for sure, but I guess that audacity could work as I saw it can record every audio from your sound card. 
If not, do not bother with some sorts of downloading tool because even they are supposed to work, they don't. It's a little tricky to record spotify music streaming, but with a big effort in finding a good spotify music downloader, you'll manage.
RideCar7 years ago
 Since Spotify is a streaming online music service I don't think you will be able to record Spotify music streaming, you can only listen to music and not to rip spotify songs. All you can do to have your spotify music off the net on your pc is to buy the tracks, I didn't listen to spotify music lately but as far as I remember there is a "Buy Now " button right near the track. 
For that you don't need any downloading tool or a spotify music ripper, because the songs cannot be downloaded.
rosemali7 years ago

If you're on a mac u can also use Audio Hijack to record Spotify music streaming; not a dedicated  Spotify Music Ripper but it's very useful if you want to rip Spotify tracks.

If you have a mac I definitely say use this one to record Spotify music streaming. If you're on a pc, than I am not sure what  Spotify Music Downloader is the equivalent of the one I use to record Spotify songs.
Maybe u can try some of the other apps recommended by the guys here, who knows  maybe one of them is a good Spotify Music Ripper.

Kiteman7 years ago
I use Audacity to record stuff off the web or feeds into the computer.

It works fine, and is a free download.

Because it just records the audio, rather than downloading anything, I don't think it includes DRM data.
get spotify ripper,or replay music. they both claim to be able to record tunes off spotify but since spotify is a paid service and requires you to listen over their own player, these tunes are DRM'd out the wazoooo!