How to record a voice message in my son's toy phone with each push of a button?

My son has a toy phone that comes with 6 buttons. I'd like to record a 15-30 seconds songs with each push of a button. How do I convert that?

ramkrishna8 years ago
there is a module available at radio shack for about $10 which can store a 10 second or more voice recorded by user and playable by giving a trigger through a switch. You may find it useful
TheLastAnt8 years ago
Agree with the others, maybe pick up a few of these

Little effort and all the hardware is included. You can splice the speakers, Positive and Grounds together as well to avoid a whole mess of batteries and speakers.
you could use a small sound recorder module, one of the ones that lets you record one sound and then push a button to play it back. you could possition the buttion uner the phone button and use a different module for each button. there might even be one that lets you recourd different soulds and play them back when you push different buttons.
frollard8 years ago
There are various circuits that record and playback sounds - I've not personally encountered one that runs several different messages - so I can't say about that. Kipkay's calculator prank does just this, with a calculator, but it only uses the equals button to play back 5 different mesages one after another (with each button press)