How to record movies from internet? What stream recorder and downloader should I use to download movies from websites?

Is there any stream recorder software which can record and download movies and videos from websites which could both record and convert flash videos or even online streaming movies and videos? I know that there are many such tools which can download and record movies and videos from internet but unfortunately not all of them can capture and download from all the streaming online movies or videos websites.
Thank you and any help is appreciated.

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Manter7 years ago
 I think I know what you want to say, you want a special stream recorder software which can record, capture, download, convert videos and movies from all over the internet on your pc or other media devices, right? Why don't you try Tunebite Video Downloader and Converter and tell me if its features are good enough for your needs. 
Tunebite Video Downloader and Converter can capture, record movies from streaming online movies and videos websites, so it's a stream recorder, but also can download flash videos from websites like youtube. And if you don't have players for all those video files, it can convert the videos to any video formats you want. It's quite good, i use it for a while and I have now many movies, video clips and songs on my pc, iPod and even on my phone.
I found a link for you to see some of its features and also you can find some helpful how-to tutorials about how to download and capture or rip movies, video clips and music with Tunebite Video Downloader.
I hope it's ok and you've got the answer for your question..... :-)
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JoK21 year ago

As long as I know, if you're to record a live stream from sites like Hulu, NetFlix, etc, you need a screen recorder to deal with it. The CamStudio is a nice freeware to record your screen directly, so it also covers the movies played on your browser. Common video downloaders do not work for downloading live streams, but they can handle the videos on YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. More tips are available here:

Averil6 years ago
There are no many comprehensive programs which integrate download, convert and capture screen functions. I got such good software which is specialized on downloading online streaming videos and also has a record screen option to allow you to capture some videos which are difficult to download from computer screen. Such as, Hulu or Netflix. The important gratified point is that the downloaded or the captured videos are usually at a decent quality. I think it will help download online videos to the largest extent.
KendraK (author) 7 years ago
 Well, I guess indeed Tunebite Video Downloader and Converter can do all the things I needed, it can download and record YouTube videos and other flash videos from flash websites, capture and record encrypted rtmp-e files so it indeed it's astream recorder software.

And a very good and useful feature is that it can convert all the files I download off the internet into the formats I need, both audio and video files.
Thanks a lot, Manter, you've been so helpful to me.
KendraK (author) 7 years ago
Yeah, I don't want to download and record only flash videos, but also movies streams from streaming online movies websites and those ones cannot be downloaded and recorded with any flash video recorder, but with a stream recorder software, as dannorth said, I need a screen capture software, but the problem is that I've never used this kind of tool until now and I really dunno how to find such a tool. 
Also, it would be just great to find an internet video downloader which both downloads and records flash videos but also to capture streaming movies and shows. 
I'm still wondering: am I asking too much? :d
shirtless7 years ago
 Why do you need a special stream record or downloader? You can download and record movies off the internet with other methods too. I for one use ant video downloader to record and save youtube videos on my pc and it's really cool because it's always up to date and when you're watching a video it immediately detect it and all you have to do is to click on the download button and the video is saved directly on your pc. Also it cannot convert the videos I download from youtube but a flash player will be installed on your pc when you're installing this toolbar.
Unfortunately didn't try to capture or record videos or movies from other streaming online video websites but I guess it will download video clips from all the websites, too.
dannorth7 years ago
Well, yeah you want to record or download movies from the internet, but exactly  what websites do you need to record from?
It would have been helpful to know this sort of information. The part about recording and converting flash videos is pretty simple to solve, since there are a lot of flash video downloader and converter apps or add-ons that could easily do the job.
As for the part on how to record online streaming movies and videos from internet that you can't record, download and save with an usual flash video downloader, maybe you can use something like a screen capture app.

I guess that probably a screen capture app might be able to record and save almost any streaming online movies and videos.

Dunno what to say, will look into all this screen capture thing and be back with more info.
KendraK (author) 7 years ago
 Hello guys, thanks for your suggestions but unfortunately I don't want some mozilla add-ons or extensions, because those ones can record and download flash videos and not movies streams from streaming online movies or videos online websites. And also the other online video downloaders can record and download videos from websites like youtube so I don't need those ones.
I have search myself for a streams recorder software but none of them could capture online movies streams only adds or even nothing.
Thanks anyway..
RedYes7 years ago
 I use to download and save videos from websites to mp pc, it even can convert the videos to video formats. You should try it, because it's easy to use, just put the link of the files and you'll get your movie off the internet.
I guess it's a good way to capture and download videos off the streaming online video websites and you can record up to 5 video files. 
It's not exactly a stream recorder software, but if I understand right, you need to record flash videos off the internet and this one can download flash video as youtube videos are. I use mainly it to download and save youtube videos to pc for later playback, so I don't know for sure if it can download and record movies or videos from other online streams websites.
angiemarie7 years ago
Hmm, yeah probably that's what this guy needs: some app that can record or download movies from the internet , although I for one don't think there's such an app.
I mean I've also used some video downloaders to download and save youtube videos and save videos from a couple more such streaming websites, but that's about it.
Those were some web based youtube video downloaders and I doubt it these could actually work to record movies from all websites.

Dunno what to say, it might depend on the streaming video website from where you want to save movies and videos, so  maybe there is some sort of  special video downloader that can save videos from that particular website.
VeVo7 years ago
 Well I don't guess mozilla add-ons or extensions could download and record all the movies from the internet, of course it can download youtube videos, because they can record flash videos, but this guy as far as I understood wants not only to download flash videos but he wants to record movies from streaming online websites. And indeed he needs a stream recorder software if he wants to record and save live videos streaming. 
I guess he wants a tool which could both download and record flash videos from youtube or other websites which stream flash videos, but also which can record streaming online movies or videos. That's what I have understood from his post...
Kiteman7 years ago
I use the FireFox extension "DownloadHelper 4.7.3"

Works fine on YouTube, never tried downloading flash video.
Re-design7 years ago
This came up a few days ago.  There is a stream recorder that costs $40 that seems to work.  I don't have the link right now but you can find it.

But I found this flash video down loader that I'm going to try.

I don't know about one unit that will download from all of the sources.
godofal7 years ago
download firefox, there are LOADS of plugins for this available.
they mostly work for youtube, but some also do other sites, altough i never encountered one that does ALL sites.