How to recover Corrupted Excel file Can any one help me ...........?

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dengeorge67 months ago

XLSX Repair Kit. The latest corrupt XLSX file repair software featuring a powerful data recovery core and a convenient step-by-step wizard for extra convenience.

For more information:

If doesn't help look for the answer here:

Kaye R.J10 months ago

To repair corrupt, damage excel files documents, I recommended an excellent or effective software, it can easily recover all lost and corrupted data. Click here :-

bobby.dilinger11 months ago

My advice to you,
try to install some recovery tool, for example free demo of recovery tooIbox
for Excel. Full program is not free, but demo is enough for your problem, I suppose.
You can download it here:
If it doesn’t help read this
topic. There is some more ways to recover your .xls file.

Great tool !

Kernel Recovery for Excel is easy, great and cost effective tool. its recover all Excel file in very short time and user gets immediately able to access data.

You can download the demo version of this software tool from and if you are satisfied with the results then purchase full version.

tonyworst2 years ago
Apply next instrument how to repair xls

Article will help you to recover corrupted excel file
tomaurthor2 years ago
Excel Recovery Software to recover corrupt MS Excel file (.xls, ,xlt, .xlsx and other). You can try the trial version to recover your excel data from corrupted Excel spreadsheet.
thanks akrenvalk I am also looking for same solution
akrenvalk3 years ago
You may repair corrupted excel files with the aid of next source Excel Repair Toolbox software must assist you
akrenvalk3 years ago
Excel repair worksheets, fonts, formulas, cells, columns, rows and etc. Software gives back excel data crashed by any reasons: viruses, incorrect actions anti-virus software, hard drive failures. Tool has the compatibility with Windows 98 and higher. Its interface doesn't require special skills and is simple for novices.
cool knex133 years ago
Have you tried re--installing it?
canucksgirl3 years ago
What version of Excel is the file? (There are different methods for different versions).