How to release the wires where they are attached to the Invisible Fence control box?

The invisble fence wires are connected to the Invisble Fence control box through a flimsy-feeling connector that is part of the control box. That plastic connector has two openings foir the wires to be inserted with a plastic tab over each opening. I have tried pushing the tabs up, then down to relase thiose wires but have not been able to release the wires. I have played with thise tabs enough that I am concerned that I might break them. What is the secret to releasing the wires from those connectors?

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Re-design6 years ago
It looks to me like the gray piece plugs into the white piece. Push the grey tab toward the wires and the gray piece should come out thus freeing the wires.

Then again you might just need a bigger hammer.
Washodad (author)  Re-design6 years ago
Hey Re-design,

That was good brainstorming, but it did not work. I appreciate you trying to help
Re-design6 years ago
clip them and then insert then new wires next to them and the old ones will probably pull out.
Washodad (author)  Re-design6 years ago
Iceng, thanks for that suggestion, but the exterior of the connector seems to be completely plastic plastic. I do not know how I could solder it.

Re-design, there is barely room enough for the existing wires so I cannot slip another wire in until I remove the existing ones. I was hoping that there was some special trick such as hold something up or down with a screwdriver while pushing or pulling on the tabs.

I will play with it some more tomorrow but it is starting to seem like i am going to have to break down and call Invisible Fence ($$$$).
iceng6 years ago
One picture is worth a thousand words.

There are literally several hundred plastic, nylon type connectors :-)

Washodad (author)  iceng6 years ago
A picture showing the lower right corner of an Invisible Fence control is attached. In the picture, which was downloaded from a web site, there is a metal paper clips going from one side of the wire connector to the other to test continuity the control without it being connected to the external wire. Normally that is where the underground wires would be connected. And, that is my problem, I cannot get that wire connector to release the wires in my controller.

A red line goes from my question to what I am calling the "wire connector" because I do not know its correct name. It would seem that I should be able to press the little plastic tabs on the wire connector and be able to remove the wires (and do the same to insert the wires), but I have done everything I can think of with those tabs and they do not work as I think they should. How do I get them to release the wires?

I want to release the wires to have them connect to an RF choke before they connect to the control box..
Invisible Fence Controller.jpg
iceng Washodad6 years ago
Good pic, you are correct that is a style that certainly looks like many I have
used and allow for exchanging wires.

Try every motion, the protect cover makes sense if pushing down is the
way to go but you said you tried it.

If you cannot beat it, unsolder the dam connector and solder another
in place or the wires you want.

Best I can offer you.

Vyger6 years ago
I believe those fences use radio frequency for the wire. In other words the fence is actually a giant antenna. Because of that it carries next to nothing for current but the connections to it must be secure or it will not transmit the signal. So it probably has some kind of connector similar to that of a coax connector which is designed for radio signal transmissions. Try unscrewing it.

By the way, why do want to disconnect it in the first place?