How to remove static electricity from plastic surface?

I've put PlexiGlas (acrylic plastic, I think) in my roof in my bathroom. The surface is high- gloss black and should look great.
However, these sheets are huge and there is a protective film on the surface which has to be removed and when I do that, the plastic will be loaded with static electricity, which will gather dust.
(When I removed the protective film on the back side of the plastic, I saw this result and it isn't good.

Is there a way to eliminate/reduce the static electricity before/during/after I remove the protective film?
-Because of the black surface, I'm afraid that waterstains and cleaning- solvents might leave stripes/spots that won't look good...

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budryerson2 years ago

I have a plastic floor mat protecting the rug under my desk chair. Every time I walked onto the mat and touched something... zappo! I used a piece of aluminum with a clip lead to an earth ground and wiped the foil all over the surface of the mat. The charge is gone.

iceng3 years ago

I vinyl records days, which are coming back, there was a small
ionizing jewel that was clipped just ahead of the record needle to
dissipate the static charge.

Allowing the needle to easily Push out tiny dust bits stuck in the record grooves rather then suffer the resulting jump over them with the annoying audio pop sound.

Vyger3 years ago

There is an antistatic brush for film used in photography. Static on the film will cause dust and hair and such to stick to the film and will show up in the prints. They made an antistatic brush that contains a small amount of radioactive material that emits alpha particles. Alpha particles are very low energy radiation consisting of protons, nucleus's with no, or a few electrons. In the presence of static the alpha particles pick up the free electrons and cause the static to be neutralized. Its very amazing to watch. You can have a piece of film that is all static e with dust stuck to it and you wave this brush over it and the dust just falls off. Since alpha radiation is so week that it cannot penetrate the skin, or even a piece of paper, it is possible to get it with out special permits in many countries. You would have to find a source of it and more information about it but it does work.

Slugg0 (author) 3 years ago

Thanks for your answers!
Ion Generator, is it just someting like this: ?

Downy Liquid? Had no idea that would work! Would any fabric softener work? (I'm in Sweden and we don't have Downy here)
Although both this tecnique and Rickharris's tips here might leave stains on the surface (which I most definately don't want)

I've also heard that 1/5(?) isopropyl alcohol and 4/5 deionised water might work? (Chance of stains would be a lot less this way, I think)

I've been thinking about using earthed copper-wire and swipe over the surface before and after the film comes off, but using a aluminum pad would be easier.

Any dish soap can be mixed with water for the same effect. 50/50 is a good bet. If in doubt add more water; The Ratio isn't critical.

I would be concerned about the isopropyl though. Test it on the scraps you have left over before you even think of using it on the whole surface. I've personaly been screwed by using it before :(

Slugg0 (author)  Wired_Mist3 years ago

Ok, thanks, I'll be careful with the isopropyl then :)

Wired_Mist3 years ago

Over time it should dissipate the extra charge on it's own, Through human contact and maby even through the plumbing. Any dust clinging to the surface will stand out because of the perfectly uniform background.

If you still want to minimize the initial charge, Fallow what Icing and RickHarris Suggested below, uses the same method as Vinyl Graphics and window Films.

rickharris3 years ago

Spray with a mist of water. Washingup liwuid will help the water spread out.

Kiteman3 years ago

Just earth ("ground") it as you go - connect a wire to a cold water pipe near-by, make a pad of aluminium foil to connect to the other end, and sweep the acrylic with the pad as you peel away the film.

iceng3 years ago

A small ion generator aimed at the plex will do it.

Or spray Downy Liquid cut 50% with water, a solution for static buildup in gaming salon rugs in the high desert.