How to repair a piece of metal jewelry without soldering.?

I have part of a necklace my mother used to own (the pendant part) that has a broken area(a gap) where you attach the jump ring to the piece. The jump ring I attached is probably thick enough where the pendent won't fall off, but I don't want to take the chance. It has swarovski(sp?) crystals and I'm afraid the heat from soldering would ruin the stones.

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canucksgirl5 years ago
If I were you, I'd take it to a qualified jeweler for repairs. If you value this pendant (as much as I think you do), trying any DIY methods may just result in you eventually losing it forever (or creating more damage). A jeweler (who makes jewelry and not just sells it), will have the tools and knowledge to repair this without too much difficulty or cost. (Just my opinion). ;-)
amnartist (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
This isn't a valuable piece (except to me, as you said). I hesitate to pay to have it repaired for these reasons: I have 2 grown boys that don't have significant others who would want or appreciate the piece. Not sure my grand daughters would either. I'm over 60 years old and on a limited budget and this would be too big of a splurge just so I could wear it.
The story, not that anyone asked:My dad never bought my mother anything in her life but this piece, which was part of a larger necklace. If it weren't for her, my brother and I wouldn't have gotten any gifts ever. He was just that way. I always loved that necklace and when she passed, made sure I got this piece she saved.

Someone that actually repairs and not just sells jewelry is good advice, never thought about that.
I wish you all the luck in getting this repaired. If there's one thing I've learned is that we tend to appreciate the little things more as we get older; so its important to keep those kinds of things in the family, as one day the younger ones will value them as much as you do now. ;-)
framistan5 years ago
show it to a jeweler that does repairs. Ask him what it would cost to fix. It looks simple for a jeweler to do and i think he might even do it for free or very cheap. If its too much just ask another jeweler. I am sure you will find one that will fix it for free or very inexpensively.
amnartist (author)  framistan5 years ago
Good thought framistan. I might do's worth a shot. Better than just leaving it sitting in my jewelry box.
Vyger5 years ago
How about crimp it closed (with long nose pliers) and then put on a drop of superglue to keep it closed.
amnartist (author)  Vyger5 years ago
Well, I've been thinking of doing that. The metal is a somewhat brittle and fragile from age, and I'm afraid I might break more of it off if I do. Might be my last resort.
Metal doesn't get brittle and fragile with age. If the metal seams brittle and fragile then it's probably not a good quality metal. There doesn't seem to be any hallmark of any kind on the back of the pendant to indicate its made of a precious metal. If the pendant had any monetary value there would be some marking other then that ORA on it. So likely its a piece of costume jewelry. So a jeweler may not be able to do anything with it.
amnartist (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Thanks mpilchfamily for your thoughts.