How to reprogram this NFC reader?

So I've got this NFC mobile banking from work (we've shut down the system because of lack of users) and we were left with a few hundred of these "read-write" NFC things. As you can see from the photos they have 2 SIM-card holders (probably that is the way they were connecting to the network) 2 USB mini ports, a RGB screen, a small speaker, and the board which is made of 2 easily disconnected parts. If I try to connect it to my PC it gets stuck on "Time and date set" and after a minute it writes a "Failed" on the screen. What i want to do is to make it able to read/write NFC chips and to display text on the display. Please help me because I have no idea hot to do this. 

kjsrocks2 years ago

You might have better luck contacting the company directly

mkeranov (author)  kjsrocks2 years ago

I've wrote them a mail but still waiting for response

I would wait a week then send them another email