How to resize Halo armor?

OK, I need to resize my Halo Armor (Link- to my size. I would have asked the 405th but the parental controls won't let me, and my mom wont either. Any suggestions?

Note- got mah templates here-

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Take your hoeight +2 and divide it by 86. Take that and multiply it by the current scale. The answer to that is what your new scale should be
Chicken22098 years ago
my pepakura is working straight right now, so the best answer i can give is pepakura has a scaling feature. its either 405 or instructables has something about that involving halo armor
From Dr.Professor _Jake_Briggs:

"To make the completed Pepakura piece scaled to fit your body type, you'll need to do a little math. I learned the following formula from the forums. Measure your height in inches (I'm 6 foot even, so that's 72 inches). Then add 3 inches to that measurement.(for me, 75 inches). Divide that by 86(75/86=0.872093). Then multiply that number by the scale of the current piece you are working on (Right Bicep's scale is 30.342, so 30.342x0.872093=26.461045). Take that last number(26.461045), go to 2DPatternWindow, then click "scale up/down development by specifying value...". Highlight that current scale and replace it with the one you just calculated."

I believe hes using 405th's files so it should match yours

and by the way, you are not doing this because you have you are doing it because it is fun, so pick a piece of armor, print it out, and make it, if it comes out the wrong size, eyeball how big you think it should be and change it in the scale set up in your pepakura program.
i have read that post, under something like, oficial sizing guid. it says in the post that it only works for a certian designer's armor plans, but it seems like it should work for all types and all designers. there is an IF...
IF the designer took into account master chief's impressive 86 inch stature when designing the original armor, then that math up there will work.