How to scream?

Like singers do in bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, and Bullet For My Valentine?

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iamtoats8 years ago
NO! don't do what Bardouv says! That will screw up your vocal cords, and you will have a bad scream and sing. It's too hard to just say how to do it, but you can download/buy a variety of dvds such as the "Zen of Screaming" things like that. Screaming is not loud, it is not damaging, and it sounds awesome if you know how to do it..... I do... I am in a band, we are actually learning 2 new songs, Clairvoyant Disease (A7X) and Tears Don't Fall (BFMV)
pyro13 (author)  iamtoats8 years ago
Both are amazing songs from my two favorite bands. I am very interested in learning how to scream. Thank you for your help.
Bardouv8 years ago
Drink a lot of milk and then scream...not sure how explain screaming. If you want to make deeper (eviler) sounds. Just breathe IN while making sounds.
worst advice ever...........
ratnator888 years ago

iamtoats there is not just one type of scream what "zen of screaming"  does help in a technique which is called vocal fry but tbh all the dvds are are majour ripoffs true vocal fry is not loud or damaging however there is another technique which is called false/death which is applied either inhale or exhale however id stray away from inhale as they sound bad and ruin your vocal chords. exhale does hurt a bit however if done right through the use of the diaphram it will not damage your voice and it is quite loud so the use of a microphone is not needed. there are many vids on youtube that tell you the technique and also search google too