How to separate shredded aluminum and plastic at home?

I have a large amount of shredded aluminum heavily inter-mixed with shredded plastic and cardboard. I want to find a way to separate the aluminum from the other debris, so I can recycle the aluminum. Wanting to do this in my backyard to make a little extra cash for my kids.

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You've probably seen this one already:

It makes you wonder if it could be "scaled down".
Burf5 years ago
I would try water separation. Sprinkle the shredded material into a large container of water, agitate it vigorously for a few minutes and then let it sit. Hopefully, the plastic will float and then skimmed out.
Drain the water from the bottom and let the material left settle to the bottom (use a siphon if you don't have a drain plug in the container). The material should stratify into layers which you can further separate. It might take several times to accomplish the job completely.
lemonie5 years ago
Where did you get this "stuff" / what is it / how much of it?

Kiteman5 years ago
The methods really depend on the amount of material and the size of the pieces.

Could you tell us?
A couple of large desk fans should be sufficient to blow the paper out, if you put it on bit of a coarse mesh or a garden sieve. If that is ineffective, you could just burn the paper off then wash away the ash.

What sort of quantity are you looking to seperate?