How to set up Eclipse for Arduino Development

Following numerous instructions for setting up Eclipse for Arduino development I come across the same problem; the project will not build, there are two reported errors, the first stating that "cannot find -lcore" and the second complaining that the .elf cannot be built, presumably because of the first error. The path is correct for the core.a binary but eclipse complains of being unable to find it. An example of the instructions that I have followed are here; I have successfully followed instructions to use the USBtinyISP so I do not think that it is an issue with general setup. I have also tried variations of path locations and executing as SU, all to no sucess. Any help would be appreciated, I am running Ubuntu with Eclipse Galileo,

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frollard7 years ago
That's quite the cookie of a question!

Does it work with the standard arduino ide?  (to ensure the tinyisp works)

Does Eclipse report any errors talking to the avr compiler?

I really have no idea where to start - I stick with the windoze flavour and the crappy default ide.
andy (author)  frollard7 years ago
It is quite an awkward one... I normally use eclipse but I use it for Java, so I'm familiar with the interfaces (if not the settings) and so fairly sure that I haven't done something strange.

As far as I can tell the problem is with the AVR Linker. I have got a none-arduino project (USBtinyISP) working without coming across the error, but it's only a blinky LED example and as such doen't need any linking.

The standard Arduino enviroment works perfectly (I'm wanting to migrate from it to eclipse because I'm not a fan of the Arduino standalone software). Eclipse only reports the described errors I'm afraid, however a console output is available but it doesn't tell much more than the errors. Having just started up Eclipse I have received a new error about some files being read only in my workspace, I don't have time to check now but I will look into that and report back.


frollard andy7 years ago
Thanks for the reply - I really have no further ideas :(

Best of luck!
andy (author)  frollard7 years ago
Recently I had a bit more time to look into this. The problem appears to be something that I have done with the set up, incorrectly linking things I think. I'm still not sure as to the exact cause but it's certainly something I have done with the settings, So if anyone has a similar problem I can only advise looking at the settings (Sorry). I'll post more when I get it sorted. Drew.
andy (author)  andy7 years ago
Just for completeness sake in case someone has this problem in the future - the problem was that the the command line option -l was being interpreted incorrectly. I do not know the specific cause of this problem, however a fresh install of eclipse and a new workspace fixed the problem. D.
cdingdong7 years ago
Maybe your library and core are named differently. If you name your core CoreName, your library should be named libCoreName. I believe I didn't get the -lcore problem after I correctly named them.