How to speed up my PC and Internet connection?

Speeding up PC and Internet Connection, My PC has slowed down a bit, my internet connection is not as fast as it use to be. Viewing videos are choppy and slow, pages do not come up as fast and when downloading movies it takes for ever. I have High speed DSL through SBC my wireless connection speed is at 150Mbps but my download speeds are anywhere from 25kb/s to 60kb/s. How can I speed this upI am running an older PC it has the 520 Intel pentium4 processor with hyper-threading tech. Processor speed is 2.8GHz L2 Cache 800MHz Front side bus and NVIDIA GeForce 9400GT video card. How can I speed up my PC and my internet connection?

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One very easy thing to do is delete all of your temp folder.

I edit videos and my temp folder can collect up to 150GB.

You can delete it by simply going to the start menu (windows 7) typing %temp% and then deleting the folder. Or you can go to the start menu>type disk cleanup>Then deleting the temp folder. If you don't know what your doing use disk cleanup so you dont mess anything up.

Sounds complicated but it takes 15 seconds.

kayman633 years ago

There are some great ideas below. I would also recommend Krojam Cleaner to speed up your PC. I use it and it works great.

kabali4 years ago
I will help you.
Here i will give some tips to improve your internet speed.
1.You must always keep your computer clean of any viruses
2.clear your temporary download history files.
3.Use fast browser
4.Do regular speed test.
Still if your problem persist,try to upgrade your data plan. Then you can check whether it's your internet speed is high or not using When i had the same problem,i kept the same ways.Now i have good internet speed.I hope it will be helpful for you..

famjad6 years ago
after trying couple of fixes manually.... i installed an internet optimizer program which helped in boosting internet speed...
lemonie8 years ago
I should think that most of the problem is beyond your control with what you've got. Things will seem slower because there's more data transferred these days. You might have more luck with a different ISP, but your machine doesn't sound like it's the problem. Ask people you know locally who supplies their internets and how quick that is for them? L
However, it wouldn't hurt to check for Viruses and Adware...

Try AVG. Its free and its worked for me in the past.
No it wouldn't hurt to check, but installing anti-virus software is one guaranteed way to slow your machine down. L
avg can be set to have slow scans & it's probably the least resource eating antiviruses
& you may also try defragmenting your pc that worked for me

u may want to try this
Installing AV software always makes your machine run slower, and the tile is "How to speed up my PC and Internet connection"
Removing malware (or not picking-up horrible-diseases in the first place) is a completely different thing.

actually not , because these malware & viruses take up much resources of ur pc , making it slow .so, if there are none of these then your pc surely will have it's full speed & try uninstalling unused programs , cleaning disc (disk cleanup utility )
& defragmenting your disk also removing the visual themes & or you may just delete your existing user account & make a new one (trust me it really works) :P

Removing malware (or not picking-up horrible-diseases in the first place) is a completely different thing to installing software that slows your machine-down.

AV is of no benefit to a clean-machine.

Meh, good point...
1825157 years ago
You may just want to reinstall windows, a whole lot of junk eventually acumulates on you computer over the years. it is definitly worth the hour or two it will take. Just make sure that you back up evry thing that you need first. I reinstall windows about once every 2-3 months and it runs faster than my parent computer that is suposed to be twice as good as mine.
After that google "Smart Defrag" get that and periodically defrag your hard drive once a month.
First of all, the main trick is to clear IE cache. The bigger it gets, the slower your browser becomes. All you have to do is go to Tools - Internet options - go to the General tab and delete browsing history, clear the cache, and remove cookies. That’s it. Alternatively you can just use Disk Cleaner - one of BoostSpeed tools - to get rid of all the junk in just two clicks. Check out more tips on how to speed up my pc on my blog.