How to start with arduino?

i want to start building stuff using arduino but not sure what i need, what should i use to start out, is a certain board better then another or anything like that.

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David975 years ago
I started with a arduino deumonliative but I would also sugest ardouno uno. You will also want a good selection of elentronics too go wit it but this depends on what you want to do with it. I would search instructables and look for projects you want to do and get the parts for few of them.

You also may want too buy a few books on arduino on things liike programing, eletronics, and some other genral books. These are usally quite expensive but theyre worth every cent. Just rember dont give up because I have had a arduino for just over a year and not learnt alot but have had some fun.

After awhile you may want to lash ot on buying a arduino mega but don't untill you are good enough with the standerd arduino boards (atmega 328).

I got my board from but this i olny for New Zealanders i would buy one from amazon along with abreadboard ad a few other bits and peices, you might also want to get a motor sheild dependin on what you are doing with it.

Make sure that the board you bu has a ATMega328 and not a 128 becausethe 128 does't have as much memory.

joshmt2012 (author)  David975 years ago
okay thanks for the info, i already have lots of misc electronics laying around that i can use, so just going to start out by buying a board
Start by buying an official Arduino Uno. What else you need from there depends on what you want to do. Many retailers will sell you a starter pack that comes with the Ardunio and a bunch of components. Go to the Arduino Forums and ask around for what people recommend for beginners.
joshmt2012 (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
do you know what places have the best prices
Amazon has good prices for the UNO, just read the reviews and make sure you're getting the official R3 version.
That's the official board, made in Italy.
joshmt2012 (author)  bwrussell5 years ago
okay thanks, thats the one i was looking at