How to stop my neighbor's dog from barking?

My neighbor has a small Pomeranian dog that barks every time someone walks by it. What is a harmless, effective way that I could get it to stop? Remerber, it's not my dog, it's my NEIGHBORS so I can't hurt it in any way. Thanks!

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BeckyM501 year ago

Lonestardude, I would love to get more info from you about the Dog Barking CD. How does it work? Do you have to sit outside with your CD player and be out there every time the dog barks?

It took me 5 moths to get back to you. LOL!

I hope you dont have the barking dog problem anymore. But here is some info about The Anti Barking Dog CD!

JohnL4081 year ago

between the barking and crapping, dogs should be banned in most cities.

GilbertM51 year ago

I tried the barking dog cd earlier this week and it worked in about a day and a half. I could not believe that it worked so quickly. Thank you so much for the advice lonestar!

iceng2 years ago

Some nights ago Whitie barked at 3am while I raided the fridge so I dropped the lights to and watched to see a young coyote trying for the rabbit enclosure which has an underground fence. Anyway Whitie got treats ! And my wife had to chase the coyote twice before he gave up.

HenryA212 years ago

no advice but i'd just like to point out all the "my dog wasn't yappy/barky etc" yes it was/is. you just think that the barking is your annoying fuzzy friend saying hi hi hi and that its cute and adorable not irritating

Re: How I Got My Neighbor’s Dog To Stop Barking!

I recently had a really bad situation involving my neighbor’s dogs and their barking. I work at night and sleep during the day when people usually don’t pay attention to their barking dogs.

I asked my neighbors to quiet their dogs down and they agreed. The dogs are still barking at about the same rate so I am sure that they did not take me seriously.

After weeks of not being able to sleep, I decided to check the internet and found a lot of people that recommended “The Barking Dog CD”.

To make a long story short, I popped the CD into my CD player and the dogs stopped barking almost immediately. As on person stated “I almost fell out of my chair when the dogs stopped barking”. I totally agree with them. It worked like a charm.

The website is at if you are interested.

This method should also work on your own dog if you are having problems with your dog. I certainly hope that I was helpful to you.

I wouldn't suggest it but dead dogs don't bark

Neither do dead dog owners, the responsible party.

I live next to property not incorporated into the city, but within city limits.

A month ago, the owner of said property removed some very old, very big Locus trees, filled in an old ditch, and built a nice cedar fence to separate the properties.

There was a lot of noise from construction nearby at the same time, and I did not know the previous tenants were gone. In the twelve years I've been here, I have had about every critter grown by man come over to my side and tear stuff up, and I expected to talk to the folks I knew slightly.

When the fence was done, the dogs continued their barking, and I went to the owners home and asked that something be done. The lady told me dogs bark, and that they, the dogs, were closer to them than to me. I left my name and phone number. No one ever called.

A couple of weeks ago, as I walked home from the neighborhood mini market; dogs barking as usual, I opened the gate between the properties and yelled at the mutts to shut up!! The male half of the human type came from around the side of an outbuilding, and stated that "that's not going to happen. When I said something needed to be done, his suggestion was to turn my TV up.

How do you fight ignorance and people who just do not care about others. I've called the police on numerous occasions, tell them it is not within the city limits, and to send the County Sheriff, but it's always the city who goes on the call.

I have about had my fill of being kept awake, and of being awakened at 3:00,4:00,5:00 AM, or not able to go to sleep because of the barking.

I am about at wits end with this, and could sure use suggestions as to a remedy.

I know this comment is a year old but I gotta respond.

I was reading your comment the whole time waiting for you to get to the point where you killed those dogs.... but you just keep whining to strangers online... Don't be such a pussy dude. Man... I feel terrible for you at the same time because you remind me of my dad. He is the same way, can't stand up for himself. The law doesn't give a damn about animal complaints if you aren't is a 'white' neighborhood. If you can't get the owner to help you only got one option left honestly. Do your research on whatever poison kills a dog as humanely as possible, stuff it in a hot dog, and chuck it to doggie. Or let them out the backyard one day. You gotta think, if the dog is barking all day and night long at nothing at all, it's out of its mind bored.... that's like if someone was chained up outside all day, with no contact, fed the same food every day.... they'd be screaming at the moon until they were hoarse too. You can try those high frequency, high decibel dog sound blast devices, but if that doesn't work I say you're in the right to off that dog. So put the thing out of it's misery if you haven't already, save both of the insanity.

Chikpea (author)  ThePregergater4 years ago
Noooo, but dead dogs DO mean one angry owner!

you a hole, can not believe someone would suggest that, not dogs fault,

Easy fellow human. It was entirely a joke

=) here I found what to do,thank you man,dont blame me I can't sleep hehehe =)

Dead dogs don't bark...


PeterH112 years ago

hey, everybody. In USA and Canada is work good with dog owner train them but in Mexico where I live there is all dog owners don't care about that and dogs just believe that road is their dog's owner's property so I was drive on the road the dog chase real madly! So one day there go again same dog but I'm on my brand new motorcycle i pass it almost caught my pant that make me tick off!!! so next time i use truck to drive the same road i sheer to left side to make dog think that I try to avoid it then dog come closer then I have chance I slam the gas and sheer sharply at the dog and kill it then dead dog owner won't call police because the police said that law that owner should train dog to stay at outside of home not on the road.

Your comment made me laugh so hard because I have a friend who described the exact same thing to me ahahaha. It's so fucked up, but man some dogs really are pests. Just like you gotta kill a rat infestation, if there's a dog infestation in your neighborhood then....

1heamus13 years ago

same I can't make it stop really right now it's so annoying

sammyh113 years ago

The dog owner is responsible for their dog and ultimately responsible for their dog barking. The best way to confront a dog owner is through an anonymous letter. has dealt with a lot of barking dog cases and has formulated letters that will effectively get the dog owner to stop their dog from barking.

I sent one to my neighbor and they have been more attentive to their dog barking. They started training their dog and I have noticed the improvement. No more barking!

mole14 years ago
Much depends on how smart the dog is. There are high frequency (silent to humans) hand held things that affect dogs and cats the way smoke alarms affect us. I tried using it on the really dumb dog across the street to get it to stop barking at night. No luck. Lent it to a friend who used it to stop mini-dobermans living next door to stop barking when they saw her through her window. It only took one day.
Chikpea (author)  mole14 years ago
Yeah, Pomeranians are great dogs with a semi-low IQ.
iceng4 years ago
The dog across the street barked at night when his owner worked.

I would walk to the dogs fence spray a spitzer bottle with water and
a hint of dilute ammonia in the dogs direction and produce a sharp
breath hiss sound whenever the dog barked at me.

In three evenings I could hiss the dog from my porch and he would shut-up and go indoors.
The neighbor eventually sold the animal.
Life goes on......

Chikpea (author)  iceng4 years ago
O-kayyyy... That's one approach.
iceng Chikpea4 years ago
Your response suggests, that I need to point out, the spitzer was set to a Fine Mist
because a dog needs to smell a negative aroma, as I also did,  around the object of
of his barking ! !!! ! !!! !

It wouldn't be nice, and kind of useless,  to actually spray the dog when it
the dog was just warning the neighborhood of things you and I cannot see :-)

Then the aural hiss gets associated with the undesirable event in the dogs memory
you know Masters & Johnson or was it Pavlov's dog .
Chikpea (author)  iceng4 years ago
Thank you for pointing that out.
framistan4 years ago
I have owned several pomeranians over the years. I don't think of their barking as "Yap-Yap-Yap" much anymore. I think of it as the dog saying "HI-Hi-Hi" They are just saying hello! ... to all the people who might feed them or play with them. It is a friendly playful sound to me... not an irritating bad sound. What I am trying to get you to see is part of the problem might be in your impatience or bad attitude about the barking. Let me ask you about other noises in your neighborhood. Any lawn-mowers? Motorcycles? Police sirens?...Crickets? Frogs? Do they irritate you? Are there any birds in your trees? Do they make small high-pitched "barks" while they sit in the trees? Does that constant "Chirp... Chirp.... Chirp" bother you? Probably not.... even though it is pretty much the same sound. The difference is you have told yourself to ignore it and just accept it because there is nothing you can do about it anyway! Maybe you could do that kind of attitude-change about the dog barking too?

I understand that after a certain time of night, a dog barking can get annoying because it might keep you from sleeping. We keep our dogs in the house after 9pm or so because we don't want to bother the neighbors sleep.

And, another thing.... it doesn't take much to train a dog to quit being a nuisance. Barking dogs are the sign of a shithead, lazy ass dog owner who shouldn't have animals to begin with. Most pet owners are lazy fucks!

framistan, you are the exact type of piece of shit property owner that makes others want to sell their house and leave, but can't sell their house because your a piece of shit loser that nobody else wants to live by. I bet you are the same fucking asshole who never cuts their grass so rodents are everywhere, never repairs anything so your property is a fucking eyesore, probably blasts their music at all hours, argues with the wife/girlfriend/kids all the time. And than you blame all your neighbors for just being overly sensitive when they get tired of your pathetic ass.

Okay. Your post is a year old, so chances are you'll never read this. Now, with that being said, allow me to make my point: You are a fucking idiot. Fuck you, and fuck your hi-hi-hi'in dog. If it was your dog causing the barking, and I knew you held that opinion, I would fuck that dog up just to prove to you what an asshole you are.

I get that I spent a couple decades in the sleeper of an 18 wheeler and I can sleep through an air horn.

Babies crying, phones, and dogs barking is another matter.

These noises are geared to illicit a response from us by nature and design.

Pomeranians are bread from work and guard dogs, and they are bread for the purpose of a companion and alerting their owner to the presents of danger.

That is why a lot of truck drivers have them, and they are also a great bear dog being so small they frustrate a bear off.

In short one of the few dogs built for life in an 18 wheeler.

The dog is probably barking because mommy or daddy is not home.

Chikpea (author)  Josehf Murchison4 years ago
Oh, I think mommy and daddy are home a lot, but they have a 4 month old baby, and are extremly busy.
How on earth does the baby sleep?
Chikpea (author)  Josehf Murchison4 years ago
I don't know...
Chikpea (author)  framistan4 years ago
Good Idea. I've owned a Pomeranian as well, but I guess that I just take it for granted that she wasn't a yippy dog.
Feed it their mouths can't do two things at once.

This works I do it with my neighbors dog and it shuts it up for hours.

Table scraps work great and the dog will be so happy to see you it will sit and beg instead of barking.

It is even more fun to feed it something that will make it dump in the house.


Chikpea (author)  Josehf Murchison4 years ago
That sounds awesome! I'll have to try it!
Chikpea (author) 4 years ago
These are great answers, but I forgot to mention - I live in an apartment, so my neighbors can't keep the dog in their backyard. I like the shock collar ideas, but if my neighbor sees a wierd collar on their dog - well - they would NOT be happy. Are there any other ideas? And thanks for your help, everyone.
Chikpea (author)  Chikpea4 years ago
Whoops, I meant to say sound collar, not shock collar.
I live in an apartment also so it goes out on the balconey.
Then review your rent agreement. If that dog is causing problems after a certain hour you can report it to the front office and it can reach a point where the front office tells your neighbor the dog needs to stop barking or will have to leave. BTW the ultra sonic devices will work through walls easily.
Talk to the neighbor. Also check and see if there are any city ordinances related to this. If the dog is excessively load and keeping you up at night they could be fined. But a more fun option would be to make a sound cannon. You'll need a circuit that can produce a 20kHz tone and a transducer capable of outputting 20kHz or more. Then you'll have a nice ear splitting tone that is outside human hearing but should put the dog off balance enough to make it stop barking. Then again it could cause the dog to bark more.
Chikpea (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
Nice ideas.

There are commercial anti-barking devices that, effectively, give the dog a zap of annoying ultrasound at the push of a button.
Burf4 years ago
Essentially, there's nothing you personally can do to stop the annoying barking. Any action you took would very likely exacerbate the barking.
Many small breeds are yappers by instinct and must be properly trained by their owners to suppress this natural tendency to bark. My suggestion would be to have a friendly discussion with the dog's owners about the problem and perhaps recommend they look into professional training or keep the dog in their backyard or in the house away from sight of outsiders.
kartoon4 years ago

Try to record as clear as possible the barking, as many as you can. Thrn upload it to youtube or anywhere where the shazam can searc. Attach an arduino to your android and connect a modding megafone cone and a ultrasound speaker to it. Then enable shazam. When shazam recognize the barking or parts of it, the arduino starts a loud ultrasound voice to play. Maybe it helps :)