How to stop teachers from spying on you

I need a way to stop teachers from spying on the computers. I can't find out what they're using, or anything. I just know they can. They told us. It's an apple.

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Kiteman8 years ago
The "spy" software has two functions;

  • The main function is educational - the teacher can see what you are doing and help remotely, possibly putting your work up on the classroom's main screen.
  • The second function is security - the school is responsible for what you experience whilst in its care, including inappropriate materials on the internet. The software allows the school to tell parents that it is doing its best to fulfil its responsibility.
If you are doing things that you do not want your teacher to see, then it is a fair bet that your actions are breaking the school's behavioural policies anyway.

As a hint, if you don't want your parents to watch what you are doing, don't do it at school.
wlaube6 years ago
here is the link i downloaded pwn school from
wlaube6 years ago
or you can use a program called Pwn school i use it on my school mac and it works fine now i am not sure about any other type of computers
NachoMahma6 years ago
> I need a way to stop teachers from spying on the computers.
.  I think it's actually that you want to stop them from spying. They more than likely have the authority to spy on what you are doing. There's a good chance that they are required to spy on you.

> I can't find out what they're using, or anything.
.  A good indicator to me that you won't be able to achieve your goal. :(

> I just know they can. They told us.
.  Hmmmm.  I guess you've never been lied to by "The Man" before. Could be a bluff. But I doubt it.

.  That said, check the Related section to the right  --->
craftyv6 years ago
Good question. If they are monitering (spying) your academic work then stop fretting, use that system to help you do a better job with your work. Communicate with the teachers about what they have seen and get advice. If they are preventing unsuitable access, then get over it and stop trying. Do what you want to do at home. (I suspect you are up to mischief)
zascecs8 years ago
Well, there are these programs that some schools put on the computers that can know exactly what you were typing.
also, if you check the history, you can see what websites you were on.


You could try to delete the history.
I don't really know too much about these things,
I'm just saying.
once one my teachers just said for absolutely no reason that there is a way to delete history....
ctrl+shift+delete=history deleted

Yea, i figured that out the next day after posting that other comment...
hackr248 years ago
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hackr248 years ago
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wolfmage3568 years ago
a program used in my school is school net support pro. its a admin, student thing. if your an admin you can see all computers on the network that are student computers. try unplugging ethernet but be sure your computer that ur using does not have wireless capabilities. if it does then regardless of you unplugging ethernet cord you still may be being monitored
Don't do anything your not suppose to is probally the best thing you could do.
robotguy48 years ago
If you are not doing anything on the interwebs, you could disconnect your ethernet and the airport connections... That would do it (at least, temporarily)! There is also a possibility that they are using low tech solutions. Many good teachers know these spying techniques after a few years.
RedRussian8 years ago
Chances are they are using Apple Remote Desktop to view your screen as you "work", it is a program inherently built in to the operating system and operated from another machine. IF you knew the administrator password, you could disable it, but without it there is no chance of blocking it.
frollard8 years ago
They probably have reason to be watching you if you dont want to be watched. Do things you dont want other people to see on your own computer.
If people want to spy on you badly enough, and have sufficient resources, they will do so. It does not matter how paranoid you are, there will always be a way around your precautions.

That said, your best bet would be to bring in your own computer or your own operating system. You would only be vulnerable to server-level spying then, and not keylogging as well.

Of course, I very much doubt your teachers and librarians will let students spend time alone with a computer anyway.
XOIIO8 years ago
You can't, everything you do instabtly goes to the main severs. You can log on to a neutral account, if your looking up porn or something. then it wont have your student number.
jtobako8 years ago
Why are you worried about the teachers 'spying' on you : )