How to transfer video from flip camera to usb hdd or flash drive without a pc.?

I am thinking of buying a flip ultra hd camera but the 8GB seems small. As im going on holiday soon i wont have access to a pc. Is there any way I can transfer the video to a usb hdd or flash drive without the pc? Can anyone help?

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orksecurity7 years ago
There are widgets out there which are basically USB hard disks which contain a small processor that knows how to copy data off a memory card inserted in their slot, or from a camera via USB. But they're marketed, and priced, as pro photo equipment. You could homebrew something like that, but coding up your own drivers and the software needed to intelligently copy from one "disk" to the other strikes me as more of a nuisance than I'd really want to deal with. I suspect a four-year-old used laptop would be cheaper, more portable, and more generally useful.
I love my flip MinoHD. Unfortunately there is no way to do what you are asking. It must be connected to a PC. That said, I personally keep my flip video library on a very small but large external USB hard drive. I can then just carry my hard drive with me to any PC to backup additional videos. You just need to make sure that the PC assigns the same drive letter to the external drive every time. When setting it up I used a letter like W: so the odds of that being in use on another system were very low. By doing this, you could just find some public PC in a hotel or library and as long as it allows you to manage volume names (through My Computer), plug in USB devices, and run the build-in flip software, you should be good. Good luck!
Re-design7 years ago
No. The flip doesn't have direct to hdd capability. There needs to be something between them so that the camera data can get to the hdd and the hdd knows what to do with it.
jackintheskyline (author)  Re-design7 years ago
could i use a transfer kit which is the inbetween device?
Maybe. Post a link so I know what you're talking about. I know there are some around but I've never worked with them.
Burf7 years ago
RD is right. If I were going to buy a mini-camera, I would get one that uses an SD card for storage. That way you can buy several SD cards and take them with you or buy more if you need them at your destination.
I know Sanyo makes one and there are others out there with that feature.
Do a little comparison shopping before making your purchase.