How to turn on magnetic correction on a Motorola droid?

I recently downloaded Google Sky on my Motorola droid and noticed the direction was off almost 10 degrees. The info said to turn on magenetic correction, but I can't find it. Has anyone else fixed this problem?

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belectric237 years ago
Various apps that use the magneto sensor on android phones recommend to 'calibrate' it by holding the phone in the palm of your hand, and moving the phone in a large figure 8 motion multiple times.

Supposedly, the apps detect the the motion via the accelerometer and find some mean value of magnetism in the vicinity to adjust to. Doing so may help you.
not sure....but i do know that you can calibrate the internal compass of the droid by waving it in front of you in a figure 8 motion about 5-6 everytime...happy droiding :-)
seandogue7 years ago
I'm pretty new to my droid. (~ 2 weeks)

The best I can offer is something I happened on while I was looking for info on the camera software

from reading it, it seems like an auto-calibration based on doing a small dance to cover the area fully.. And yes, the link seems to talk about something else, but since the sensor is likely a single chip that contains a wrapup of all the functions used (accelerometer, magnetic sensor, etc.), I am guessing that it cals the whoel shebang in one fell swoop.

One thing to rememer is that the mag sensor is quite sensitive. Trying to use GPS Status or similar apps while too near to a hunk of steel will throw the reading off... should ideally be done outside, away from metal object as much as possible. (even the electrical wiring inside your home generates some magnetic disortion...)
By the should be aware that the magnetic and true north readings ARE off axis of each other...that's life on earth and part and parcel of the way thing work..
aeromancy7 years ago
Although this is for the Nexus One, it should still help.