How to unpiss Shann.rox because she is pissed?

any ideas?

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shann.rox7 years ago
wait when did u put this here??????????
what was i pissed about anywayzzzz????????
hahaha im sooo boredddd that im on here and i saw this and i was lik wtf y is this here?????
lol, u certainly used leo's suggestion this yr didnt u??
pity i didnt do wat she said..............................4 u anywayzzz

 Ignore her, and she will come crawling back.... hehehehahahaHAHAHAMWAHAHAHAHA!!!! (soz got caught in the moment)

(don't do that, it was a joke (who would do that(wait, i know who would do that(not mentioning any names)))
bake her a cake that says "sorry" on it =)    everyone likes cake  
acidbass8 years ago
ask for forgiveness mean that you are sorry and if you still don't get a response physically or emotionally 
sorry forgot to finish you are the bigger person if you say your sorry and ask for forgiveness first
Apologize and mean it, depend on what you did wrong there may have to be some admittances or attempts at making things right... Alternatively, run around her lawn naked and covered in lit sparklers as a sign of your repentance and stupidity...
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
ask for forgiveness?
Re-design8 years ago
First thing you should do is apologize for real.

If it's not your fault, what is she pissed about?