How to upgrade a old computer?

I have an old coputer and it's just lying around.  It runs on windows 2000 and is a dell with a dual core prossor. I would like to upgrade enogh to use it as a server for Minecraft but if its going to just be more of a chore to run than actual fun I just rather not even try.  BUT if there is a cheap way to upgrade to handle the server software ( and run it kind of fast I could use some help or leed me to an instructible or a website please hep Thanks

One more thing if you have already answered then you might have seen I put 95 sorry I was thinking of something else I realy have windows 2000 thanks

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Burf6 years ago

This ought to do it for you;
zack2476 years ago
how old is this computer? (in years)
what are its current performance specs? (go to the start menu, find "system tools", and open "System information"

what dual core processo does it have? unless you installed 2000 over a newer operating system like XP, im not sure if its really a dual core machine.

but RAM is the cheapest upgrade you can buy.
Vyger6 years ago
Here is a complete bare bones system including a 4 core processor, 1 Ter hard drive, 4 gigs of ram, a video card and a case with a power supply, all for $300.00.
Why spend your time with an old Win 95 system?
zootsuitman (author)  Vyger6 years ago
Hey sorry but I got this confused with another computer it realy runs on 2000. I dont know if that changes your answer any but if it does then I would like to hear it.
Windows 2000 is now 11 years old and a Pentium 2 is quite a few generations back. None of the new drives will work without getting PCI to Serial ATA plug in cards. It may only have USB one which means any external drives, including a pen drive will be very very slow. I know its hard to give up on the old stuff, after all it does still work, but its a big time pit. It will use up hours just for the simplest things.

I did set one up as a print server for a copy machine once, for that it worked great. They wanted $250 for a network adapter for the copier so I just used a junk computer instead.

The one thing that it would be good for is the learning experience. Hands on learning is still the best way. But it just depends on if you have the time, more time that money.
Vyger6 years ago
I didn't know Windows 95 would even run on a dual core processor.
frollard Vyger6 years ago
I'm guessing its a pentium II, not a dual core.