How to use FreeRTOS.h files ?

 If I want to create any  rtos project. I have to use FreeRTOS.h files. its common file for all new project. if I want to use for cortex M0 device. do i need to modify  FreeRTOS.h files for cortex M0 or I can directly download header file for cortex m0 from from free rtos website ?

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FreeRTOS2 months ago

There are lots of examples and documentation on the FreeRTOS site, including a quick start guide, free pdf book, and masses of examples. What have you read? What have you tried? What problems are you encountering?

steveastrouk2 months ago

What happens when you look on the FreeRTOS website ?

vead (author)  steveastrouk2 months ago

I think we can modify free rtos.h file for device like cortexm0, cortexm4 etc we rtos is open source we can modify according to our requirenment

steveastrouk vead2 months ago

All the "normal" processors have .h files available. If you want to spin your own, then you modify the .h yourself.

vead (author)  steveastrouk2 months ago

I just want to sure. so if I have cortex m0 device than I have to download free rtos.h file for cortex m0 from free rtos website. I think I don't need to modify that file so I can directly include in my project file. am I correct ?