How to use a SCR in a Coil Gun?

I want to increase the power of my capacitor but i can not figure out how to add a SCR. So i was wondering if somebody can show me how.

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metronome2 years ago

take look at this website, it might be useful!

frollard7 years ago
The scr will just act as the firing mechanism -- dumping the power of your capacitors through a coil.

If you want more oomph, you need a bigger coil and/or bigger capacitor bank.
+1 and or a bigger (higher current) SCR!
true! -- bigger scr = higher current = dump to coil faster. There's a lot to be said for raw unadulterated power at the source :)
This is crude, but it might work:

For switching large amounts of power, something more complicated may be required, e.g.
Explanation and context: